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Arturo Louga

Arturo Louga

Arturo Louga

Arturo Louga was born on June 29, 1956 in Mexicali, Baja California. Arturo graduated from Columbia College Americana and has a degree in Graphic, Plastic and Visual Arts. From the age of 5 years, he felt the desire to draw. It was when he was introduced to the Comics and the legendary Publisher Novaro, Louga especially liked to read the comic books of Tarzan for his great adventures, also those of Mythology Jewels, he was passionate to see the fantastic stories that came out along with a number of Comics that were published.

As he grew up; discovering the Pocket Comics as those of Editorial Edar (currently VID) and liked the series ''Minis'', feeling a passion for the horror, Adventures and Police stories. At 18 he was introduced to Manuel Moro Cid, then director of Editorial Novaro, from there he becomes his teacher, teaching him the inking techniques, of course; with strokes of Arturo Louga and advised him to copy a lot. In this then existed the Magazines of Vampirella, Eerie, Creepy and the special editions. He was a fan of most of the artists in this section, especially: José González, Rudy Nebres, José Ortiz, Ramón Torrenz, Gonzalo Mayo, etc. And in its beginnings Louga emigrated to Rome, Italy, (he lived in a relative's house) where with a lot of work he manages to draw for the Corriere Boy doing small Fumettis of 2 pages of all kinds, there he lived nearly 6 months and then returned to his country of Mexico.

While in Mexico City, he started working for Editorial PIN PON, where he spent 9 months and then went on to the Editorial Proyección (later, EJEA) and drew the series of Sensacionales, until, for the unanimous taste of the director of the publisher, he entrusted the serial weekly magazine called Dragon the Karate, which lasted 8 years, being his best time and created a unique style of his own. After 34 years of working for the Editorials, due to the bad promotion and quality of the stories, the editorials collapsed and most of them no longer exist. Arturo Louga currently works as a freelance for a very important agency, where he also makes large format comics, leaving aside the traditional work for the digital and so far, Arturo Louga is still active in the branch he likes the most: Drawing.
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