Frans Mensink

Frans Mensink

Frans Mensink is a freelancer, self employed, self taught illustrator for 20+ years who resides in the Netherlands. Mensink started in Heavy Metal Art (CD art, gag-comic in Aardschok magazine, posters, etc.) but leaned towards the erotic.

Mensink works for companies and publishers of all sorts, doing story boards lay-outs, animatics, etc. for ad agencies worldwide, projects for publishers of magazines, industries and many other clients such as: NIOTRE Marketing AB (S) VUXEN (S) (via NIOTRE) PLAYBOY GERMANY (D) PASSIE magazine (NL) PASSIE for WOMEN ONLY magazine (NL) KIM HOLLAND (NL) ARISTOTLE (US) NBM Publishing Inc (US) TASCHEN Publishing (D) BLAST magazine and many many Private Commissions.

Personal Statements;

-Exploring the female form (which is what I do a lot) is like inventing the wheel over and over again, only about a million times more fun- (FM)

-Tattoos are like graffiti. They can be well done and awesome, when on your walls they never help to increase the value of your house- (FM).