Shipping rates are weight-based. To meet the policy guidelines of a few of the shipping companies we use, package weights may be rounded up to the next full pound.

We are not responsible for refunding or replacing packages when the tracking information states the package was delivered. There will be No exceptions to this policy.

International buyers are responsible for:

International buyers are responsible for all shipping costs to include, if applicable, import duties, VAT, GST, or other import taxes.*** We ask that International customers not request packages be labeled as Gift or the dollar amount paid for the item, shown on the customs forms, be reduced to save on taxes, in doing so the buyer is asking that we break the law, which we will not.

International Buyers:

First Class International shipping offers little to No Tracking Information beyond the US borders, if any is provided, we have found that it is unreliable and inconsistent at best. Also, First Class International packages cannot be insured.
Due to these facts, we do not give refunds or replacements for lost packages. We take great care to verify that the shipping information you've provided is correct. Please know that once we hand off your package to USPS, we have no control over the routing and/or destination of the package (we wish we did).
TIP: If your package has not been delivered, we suggest you contact customs; we have had many buyers whose packages have been held up or “stuck” in customs.

Best Methods to Receive International Tracking Information:

If you want to be able to track your package and have the choice to pay for insuring your package, we suggest you select Priority or Express International shipping, both do provide tracking of international shipping and allows you the choice to pay for the packages to be insured. Of course, Express International provides the most detailed tracking.