Greg Reinel

Greg Reinel

I am a pinup/erotic artist and illustrator with a bit of a twist - for nearly 20 years, I've worked in the music industry under the pen name 'Stainboy' Reinel.

I create art for rock bands - limited edition silkscreened concert posters, cd and vinyl album covers and other designs. I've worked with some of the biggest names in rock as well as more underground, independent bands. I work for corporate and commercial clients, music venues, management, merchandise and apparel companies around the world. I've even worked with a Pulitzer Prize winning author.

The female form dominates my world and my art.My art is informed by my experiences during years of touring in my own band and also a steady diet of movies and all manner of pop culture junk.

I combine traditional and digital techniques with my vast experience in graphic design and eye-assaulting color. I've sold thousands of art books, limited edition silkscreen and giclee prints and my work is coveted by fans and collectors worldwide. I've traveled the entire US several times over doing exhibits, conventions and book signings.

At times I do work that focuses on more subtle, natural beauty, but more than anything else, I love creating the bad girls, the sexbombs and the supervixens.

Ref: Excerps fron Greg's web site.