Cris Delara

Cris Delara

  • Escape Collectibles, Ltd. is an artist authorized dealer of artwork created by Cris Delara.

  • We work closely with the artists we represent so that their artwork will be presented in a manner in which they intend.


    Cris de Lara : I started painting at school; I used to study art at a catholic school, when I was nine years old, oil paintings classes up to 12 years, when I decided to draw, because I wanted to paint my own images instead of painting other images that my teachers offered. From age twelve up to sixteen I took several other courses to improve my drawing skills but I was young and influenced by my friends, who persuaded me not to continue studying art.

    At university I took business administration, and from the age of eighteen to 26 I had no drawings or paintings. At age 26 I felt the call back into artistry. In 1995 I marked this return by founding my own graphic design company. In 1997 my partner and I decided to change our approach to work more with illustration, digital painting, training, and consulting. From 1998 up to 2001 we ran a small printing house. Clients would come to our store where I would design logos, and illustrations. My partner or some of the employees did the “desktop publishing” and we printed everything right there: folders, banners, periodicals, business cards, flyers, invitations, and letters.

    In 2002 we changed our approach again. We shut down the printing activities and I came back to my SOHO activities working as a freelance illustrator and painter for some clients as well as a comic colorist for an American company. In 2006 I quit my comic colorist job but continued to work as a freelancer. My partner and I had an important conversation about what to do as an artist; to produce something attractive to the audience or to create a product to sell and to be recognized as unique. We thought about producing pinups. In 2008 I moved from Brazil to Canada where I continue doing the same as before. From here, we continue working in the Brazilian market. I am the illustrator and the responsible for artistic things in my company and my partner is the responsible for all “non artistic” things.